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公共马车gong1 gong4 ma3 che1 stagecoach
功耗gong1 hao4 power wastage
阶段性jie1 duan4 xing4 gradual
春化阶段chun1 hua4 jie1 duan4 thermostage
萌生meng2 sheng1 to burgeon
扮相ban4 xiang1 ban4 xiang4 stage costume
双簧shuang1 huang2 an oboe or bassoon
作秀zuo4 xiu4 to grandstand
襁褓qiang3 bao3 infancy
雏形chu2 xing2 prototype
齿孔chi3 kong3 perforations (on a postage stamp)
福煦fu2 xu4 Ferdinand Foch (1851-1929), leading French general and commander-in-chief of allied forces in the latter stages of World War One
光照阶段guang1 zhao4 jie1 duan4 photostage

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