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刑满xing2 man3 to complete a prison sentence
地牢di4 lao2 prison
禁足jin4 zu2 caveat
安瓦尔an1 wa3 er3 Truncated - click through for definition
虐俘nve4 fu2 abused prisoner
黑狱hei1 yu4 undercover prison
yu3 frontier
热比娅re4 bi3 ya4 Rabiye or Rebiya (name)
牢狱之灾lao2 yu4 zhi1 zai1 imprisonment
囹圉ling2 yu3 prison
大狱da4 yu4 jail
廖沫沙liao4 mo4 sha1 Liao Mosha (1907-1990), journalist and communist propagandist, severely criticized and imprisoned for 10 years during the Cultural Revolution
拘囚ju1 qiu2 prisoner

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