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淡漠dan4 mo4 apathetic
漫不经心man4 bu4 jing1 xin1 heedless
与众不同yu3 zhong4 bu4 tong2 different from the crowd
南京市nan2 jing1 shi4 capital of China at different historical periods
恬淡tian2 dan4 quiet and contented
食蚁兽shi2 yi3 shou4 ant-eater (several different species)
异族yi4 zu2 different tribe
任由ren4 you2 to allow
截然不同jie2 ran2 bu4 tong2 entirely different
迥异jiong3 yi4 totally different
淡然dan4 ran2 indifferent
特别行政区te4 bie2 xing2 zheng4 qu1 refers to special zones in North Korea and Indonesia
迳庭jing4 ting2 very different

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