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险症xian3 zheng4 critical illness
鞍点an1 dian3 saddle point (math.), a critical point of a function of several variables that is neither a maximum nor a minimum
亚临界度ya4 lin2 jie4 du4 subcriticality
伪善地wei3 shan4 di5 hypocritically
低于临界di1 yu2 lin2 jie4 subcritical
危机程度wei1 ji1 cheng2 du4 criticality
可区别地ke3 qu1 bie2 di5 diacritically
批评性地pi1 ping2 xing4 di5 critically
用钻研眼光地yong4 zuan1 yan2 yan3 guang1 di5 critically
精密地jing1 mi4 di5 critically
超临界性chao1 lin2 jie4 xing4 supercriticality
超临界状态chao1 lin2 jie4 zhuang4 tai4 supercriticality
超过临界点chao1 guo4 lin2 jie4 dian3 postcritical

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