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玄之又玄xuan2 zhi1 you4 xuan2 mystery within a mystery
稳胜wen3 sheng4 to win easily
蜥形纲xi1 xing2 gang1 Sauropsida, class within Chordata containing reptiles
蜥臀目xi1 tun2 mu4 Saurischia or lizard-hipped dinosaurs, order within super-order Dinosauria
转韵zhuan3 yun4 change of rhyme (within a poem)
量入为出liang4 ru4 wei2 chu1 to live within one's means
飞地fei1 di4 a salient
两小时内liang3 xiao3 shi2 nei4 within two hours
于年内 yu2 nian2 nei4 within the year
全国范围内quan2 guo2 fan4 wei2 nei4 domestic
准范围内zhun3 fan4 wei2 nei4 within the scope
半年内ban4 nian2 nei4 within half a year
台湾岛内外各界人士 tai2 wan1 dao3 nei4 wai4 ge4 jie4 ren2 shi4 all sorts of people both within and beyond Taiwan

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