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如此一来ru2 ci3 yi1 lai2 as in the following
如歌 ru2 ge1 cantabile
如出一辙ru2 chu1 yi1 zhe2 to be no different
如常ru2 chang2
面如mian4 ru2
恍如huang3 ru2 to be as if...
无如wu2 ru2
如醉如痴ru2 zui4 ru2 chi1 utterly engrossed
守口如瓶shou3 kou3 ru2 ping2 reticent
隔行如隔山ge2 hang2 ru2 ge2 shan1 different trades, worlds apart (idiom)
如虎添翼ru2 hu3 tian1 yi4 with redoubled power (idiom)
如鱼得水ru2 yu2 de2 shui3 glad to be back in one's proper surroundings
恰如其分qia4 ru2 qi2 fen4 to say or do sth appropriate (idiom)
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