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盛极一时sheng4 ji2 yi1 shi2 all the rage for a time
花黄hua1 huang2 yellow flower (cosmetic powder used on women's forehead in former times)
苦尽甘来ku3 jin4 gan1 lai2 bitterness finishes, sweetness begins (idiom)
货期huo4 qi1 product leadtime
转注zhuan3 zhu4 sometimes called mutually explanatory character
两下子liang3 xia4 zi5 a couple of times
久之jiu3 zhi1 for a long time
久慕jiu3 mu4 It's an honor to meet you at last.
五刑wu3 xing2 Truncated - click through for definition
先睹为快xian1 du3 wei2 kuai4 joy of first experience (idiom)
勤王qin2 wang2 to serve the king diligently
发案fa1 an4 to occur
同日而语tong2 ri4 er2 yu3 lit. to speak of two things on the same day (idiom)
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