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同堂tong2 tang2 to live under the same roof (of different generations)
二元论er4 yuan2 lun4 er4 yuan2 lun2 dualism, belief that the universe is made of two different substance (e.g. mind and matter or good and evil)
径庭jing4 ting2 completely different
无动于衷wu2 dong4 yu2 zhong1 aloof
微积分wei1 ji1 fen1 Calculus
改用gai3 yong4 to switch to
漠不关心mo4 bu4 guan1 xin1 completely indifferent
联运lian2 yun4 through transport
表兄biao3 xiong1 male cousin with a different surname (older than oneself)
忘情wang4 qing2 unmoved
杂居za2 ju1 to coexist
分赴fen1 fu4 to leave for different destinations
吴越wu2 yue4 proverbially perpetual arch-enemies

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