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来自国内lai2 zi4 guo2 nei4 domestic
法号fa3 hao4 Daoist monk or nun
量力而行liang4 li4 er2 xing2 One does what one can.
唾手可得tuo4 shou3 ke3 de2 easily obtained
庭训ting2 xun4 education from father
人精ren2 jing1 sophisticate
内参nei4 can1 internal reference (within the same publication)
凑手cou4 shou3 handy
副省级城市fu4 sheng3 ji2 cheng2 shi4 subprovincial city (having independent economic status within a province)
同业拆借tong2 ye4 chai1 jie4 call loan
死去活来si3 qu4 huo2 lai2 to suffer terribly
段里 duan4 li3 within a period
法名fa3 ming2 same as 法號法号[fa3 hao4]

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