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真如zhen1 ru2 Tathata
如一日 ru2 yi1 ri4
如饥似渴ru2 ji1 si4 ke3 eagerly
如图ru2 tu2
如草ru2 cao3 grassy
尽如jin3 ru2 to be anything like
突如其来tu1 ru2 qi2 lai2 unexpected
隔行如隔山ge2 hang2 ru2 ge2 shan1 different trades, worlds apart (idiom)
如火如荼ru2 huo3 ru2 tu2 blazing
恰如qia4 ru2 just as if
栩栩如生xu3 xu3 ru2 sheng1 realistic
如次ru2 ci4
势如破竹shi4 ru2 po4 zhu2 with irresistible force
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