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中缀zhong1 zhui4 infix (grammar), particle attached within a word or expression
户内hu4 nei4 indoors
时间内shi2 jian1 nei4 within a period of time
斯威辛 si1 wei1 qin1 Swithin
邓小平理论deng4 xiao3 ping2 li3 lun4 deng4 xiao3 ping2 li3 lun2 Dengism
guo2 surname Guo
旬日xun2 ri4 short period
有悖于you3 bei4 yu2 within
看菜吃饭kan1 cai4 chi1 fan4 to live within one's means
量体裁衣liang2 ti3 cai2 yi1 To live within one's means.
靠谱kao4 pu3 reliable
功败垂成gong1 bai4 chui2 cheng2 last-minute failure
中纪委zhong1 ji3 wei3 zhong1 ji4 wei3 Central Committee for Discipline Inspection

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