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开释kai1 shi4 acquitt
身陷shen1 xian4 to be trapped
拘留所ju1 liu2 suo3 prison
放风fang4 feng1 to allow in fresh air
狱吏yu4 li4 alcaide
死囚si3 qiu2 someone on death row
魏京生wei4 jing1 sheng1 Wei Jingsheng Chinese dissident
囹圄ling2 yu3 prison
qiu2 prisoner
就擒jiu4 qin2 to be taken prisoner
终身监禁zhong1 shen1 jian1 jin1 zhong1 shen1 jian1 jin4 life imprisonment
囚笼qiu2 long2 prison cage
劫狱jie2 yu4 que4 yu4 to break into jail

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