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傻乎乎sha3 hu1 hu1 foolish
kong3 ignorant
旷达kuang4 da2 accepting
huo4 huo4 hua2 open
义士yi4 shi4 patriot
曲高和寡qu1 gao1 he2 gua3 qu3 gao1 he4 gua3 highbrow
小心眼xiao3 xin1 yan3 petty
正直的 zheng4 zhi2 de5 right-minded
夷旷yi2 kuang4 expansive
宽洪kuan1 hong2 wide
恍忽huang3 hu1 in ecstasy
走神zou3 shen2 absent-minded
愚鲁yu2 lu3 simple-minded and ill-informed

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