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弦月窗xian2 yue4 chuang1 a narrow slit window
注册表zhu4 ce4 biao3 Windows registry
关窗guan1 chuang1 to close the window
纱窗sha1 chuang1 screen window
ling2 small boat with windows
ta4 door or window in an upper story
云窗雾槛yun2 chuang1 wu4 kan3 tall building with the windows in the clouds
吊窗diao4 chuang1 a sash window
囱门cong1 men2 window
户牖hu4 you3 the home
明窗净几ming2 chuang1 jing4 ji1 fig. bright and clean
盘符pan2 fu2 disk drive number (A: or B: in Microsoft DOS and Windows system)
窗扇chuang1 shan4 the opening panel of a window

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