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窍qiao4 hole
一网打尽yi1 wang3 da3 jin4 to eliminate at one stroke
对症下药dui4 zheng1 xia4 yao4 dui4 zheng4 xia4 yao4 to take appropriate steps
良药liang2 yao4 panacea
死结si3 jie2 tight knot
通病tong1 bing4 common failing
时弊shi2 bi4 ills of the day
社会问题she4 hui4 wen4 ti2 societal problems
出毛病chu1 mao2 bing4 to break down
调虎离山diao4 hu3 li2 shan1 to maneuver sb out of the way
愈演愈烈yu4 yan3 yu4 lie4 ever more critical
解法jie3 fa3 method of solving
闹情绪nao4 qing2 xu4 to be in a bad mood

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