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飞禽走兽fei1 qin2 zou3 shou4 birds and animals
驭兽术yu4 shou4 shu4 animal training
鸟兽散niao3 shou4 san4 to scatter like birds and beasts
虎毒不食子hu3 du2 bu4 shi2 zi3 even wild beasts look after their young
斯芬克司si1 fen1 ke4 si1 Sphinx (Egyptian mythical beast)
狗玩儿的gou3 wan2 er5 de5 beast (derogatory)
禽兽不如qin2 shou4 bu4 ru2 worse than a beast
令人不愉快的 ling4 ren2 bu4 yu2 kuai4 de5 beastly
勒勒车lei1 lei1 che1 wagon (yoked to beast of burden)
洪水猛兽hong2 shui3 meng3 shou4 fig. great scourges

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