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再如zai4 ru2 as before
如愿ru2 yuan4 to have one's wishes fulfilled
如果是ru2 guo3 shi4
如织ru2 zhi1 to be closely woven
一如既往yi1 ru2 ji4 wang3 as before
如数ru2 shu4
如一 ru2 yi1
如冰ru2 bing1 iciness
一如yi1 ru2 to be just like
九如jiu3 ru2 Chiuju township in Pingtung County 屏東縣屏东县[Ping2 dong1 Xian4], Taiwan
如东ru2 dong1 Rudong county in Nantong 南通[Nan2 tong1], Jiangsu
如皋ru2 gao1 Rugao county level city in Nantong 南通[Nan2 tong1], Jiangsu
诸如此类zhu1 ru2 ci3 lei4 etc
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