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蒸锅zheng1 guo1 steamer
龙争虎斗long2 zheng1 hu3 dou4 fierce battle between giants
不少争议 bu4 shao3 zheng1 yi4 much controversy
专征zhuan1 zheng1 to go on a personal punitive expedition
两虎相争liang3 hu3 xiang1 zheng1 two tigers fighting (idiom)
严征管 yan2 zheng1 guan3 strict collection and management (of taxes)
争常 zheng1 chang2 struggle for permanent status
争臣zheng1 chen2 minister not afraid to give forthright criticism
争衡zheng1 heng2 to strive for supremacy
争论不休zheng1 lun4 bu4 xiu1 to argue unceasingly
争讼zheng1 song4 legal dispute
你争我夺 ni3 zheng1 duo2 tug-of-war
关征guan1 zheng1 customs levy
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