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比不上bi3 bu4 shang4 to be unable to compare with
臃肿yong1 zhong3 obese
说不上shui4 bu2 shang4 to not be worth mentioning
顾不得gu4 bu4 de2 to have no time
不由自主bu4 you2 zi4 zhu3 can't help
经不起jing1 bu4 qi3 can't stand it
禁不住jin1 bu2 zhu4 can't help it
吃不上chi1 bu2 shang4 unable to get anything to eat
离不开li2 bu4 kai1 to be unable to leave
免不了mian3 bu4 liao3 unavoidable
束手无策shu4 shou3 wu2 ce4 fig. helpless in the face of a crisis
过不去guo4 bu2 qu4 unable to make it through
等不及deng3 bu4 ji2 can't wait

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