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搂住lou3 zhu4 to embrace
交臂jiao1 bi4 arm in arm
挟持xie2 chi2 to abduct
军备竞赛jun1 bei4 jing4 sai4 arms race
甩手shuai3 shou3 to shake one's fist
lou1 lou3 lou3 to hug
袖手旁观xiu4 shou3 pang2 guan1 to watch with folded arms (idiom)
扁蓄bian3 xu4 Armstrong
tuo3 length of 2 outstretched arms
攘臂rang3 bi4 to bare one's arms (in agitation)
攘袂rang3 mei4 to rise to action with a determined shake of the arms
核军备he2 jun1 bei4 nuclear arms
裁减军备cai2 jian3 jun1 bei4 arms reduction

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