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采取行动cai3 qu3 xing2 dong4 to adopt policies
别出心裁bie2 chu1 xin1 cai2 to display originality
抱薪救火bao4 xin1 jiu4 huo3 lit. to carry firewood to put out a fire (idiom)
义子yi4 zi3 adopted child
假招子jia3 zhao1 zi5 to put on airs
兵来将敌,水来土堰bing1 lai2 jiang4 di2 shui3 lai2 tu3 yan4 different situations call for different action
寄名ji4 ming2 adopted name
被迫采取 bei4 po4 cai3 qu3 to be forced to adopt
送养song4 yang3 to place out for adoption
收养机构shou1 yang3 ji1 gou4 adoption agency
普遍采用pu3 bian4 cai3 yong4 universal adoption
采取严厉措施 cai3 qu3 yan2 li4 cuo4 shi1 to adopt serious measures
蒋纬国jiang3 wei3 guo2 Chiang Wei-kuo (1916-1997), adopted son of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石蒋介石

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