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絮球xu4 qiu2 blowball
苋科xian4 ke1 Amaranthaceae, family of herbaceous plants containing Chinese spinach (Amaranthus inamoenus) 莧菜
菌托jun1 tuo1 volva (bag containing spores on stem of fungi)
蛋花汤dan4 hua1 tang1 eggdrop soup
包衣bao1 yi1 husk (of corn)
含钙han2 gai4 containing calcium
硅铝质gui1 lv3 zhi4 sial rock (containing silicon and aluminium, so comparatively light, making continental plates)
杜鹃花科du4 juan1 hua1 ke1 Ericaceae (botany), genus containing rhododendron and azalea
脊索动物门ji2 suo3 dong4 wu4 men2 ji3 suo3 dong4 wu4 men2 Chordata, phylum containing vertebrates
开金kai1 jin1 carated gold (alloy containing stated proportion of gold)
俑坑yong3 keng1 pit with funerary figures
梨属li2 shu3 Pyrus, tree genus containing pears
死信si3 xin4 lost letter

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