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应付自如ying4 fu5 zi4 ru2 equal to the situation
应付裕如ying4 fu4 yu4 ru2 equal to any situation
应对如流ying4 dui4 ru2 liu2 to answer smartly
度日如年du4 ri4 ru2 nian2 time hangs heavy
弯如弓的 wan1 ru2 gong1 de5 bowed
心乱如麻xin1 luan4 ru2 ma2 upset
心口如一xin1 kou3 ru2 yi1 to say what you think
急如星火ji2 ru2 xing1 huo3 extremely urgent
恭敬不如从命gong1 jing4 bu4 ru2 cong1 ming4 deference is no substitute for obedience (idiom)
执法如山zhi2 fa3 ru2 shan1 to enforce the law strictly
挥汗如雨hui1 han4 ru2 yu3 to drip with sweat
措置裕如cuo4 zhi4 yu4 ru2 effortless
操纵自如cao1 zong4 zi4 ru2 ease of operation
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