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醛糖quan2 tang2 aldose, monosaccharide containing aldehyde group -COH
苦水ku3 shui3 suffering
含气han2 qi4 containing air
睫状体jie2 zhuang4 ti3 ciliary body (in the eye, containing the focusing muscles)
酮糖tong2 tang2 ketose, monosaccharide containing ketone group
铁镁质tie3 mei3 zhi4 femic
中关村zhong1 guan1 cun1 Zhongguancun neighborhood of Beijing, containing Beijing University, famous for electronics shops and bookstores
果穗guo3 sui4 ear of plant (containing fruit)
黑色金属hei1 se4 jin1 shu3 ferrous metals (i.e. iron, chromium, manganese and alloys containing them)
化脓性hua4 nong2 xing4 septic
吖嗪a1 qin2 Truncated - click through for definition
棘皮动物ji2 pi2 dong4 wu4 echinoderm, the phylum containing sea urchins, sea cucumbers etc
伞形科san3 xing2 ke1 umbelliferae

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