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孩童hai2 tong2 children
玩耍wan2 shua3 an entertainment
亲情qin1 qing2 affection
慈爱ci2 ai4 devotion (to children)
生子sheng1 zi3 to have a child
儿科er2 ke1 pediatrics
教子jiao1 zi3 jiao4 zi3 to teach one's children
儿孙er2 sun1 descendant
儿童节er2 tong2 jie2 Children's Day
juan4 concern
儿童文学er2 tong2 wen2 xue2 children's literature
纳尼亚na4 ni2 ya4 Narnia, children's fantasy world in stories by C.S. Lewis
六亲liu4 qin1 one's kin

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