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密接mi4 jie1 immediacy
有关系you3 guan1 ji4 to be connected with
连写lian2 xie3 connected handwriting
局外ju2 wai4 external
有联系you3 lian2 xi4 to be connected
爱屋及乌ai4 wu1 ji2 wu1 to love
分离的 fen1 li2 de5 detached
有关人士you3 guan1 ren2 shi4 related person
瓜葛gua1 ge2 interconnected
不连贯的 bu4 lian2 guan4 de5 scrappy
yi2 small house connected to large one
爱屋及鸟ai4 wu1 ji2 niao3 variant of 愛屋及烏爱屋及乌
无连络地wu2 lian2 luo4 di5 disconnectedly

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