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驮兽tuo2 shou4 duo4 shou4 sumpter
人面兽心ren2 mian4 shou4 xin1 two-faced
走兽zou3 shou4 quadriped
chai2 jackal
ni2 lion
沉鱼落雁chen2 yu2 luo4 yan4 unequalled beauty
残忍的 can2 ren3 de5 bestial
渊薮yuan1 sou3 hotbed of vice
兽术shou4 shu4 animal training
力畜li4 chu4 draft animal
卸套xie4 tao4 to loosen a yoke
狼奔豕突lang2 ben1 shi3 tu1 the wolf runs and the wild boar rushes (idiom)
飞征fei1 zheng1 birds and beasts

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