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浅陋qian3 lou4 shallow and crude
炉火纯青lu2 huo3 chun2 qing1 high degree of skill
目无全牛mu4 wu2 quan2 niu2 extremely skilled
相夫教子xiang1 fu1 jiao4 zi3 xiang4 fu1 jiao4 zi3 mothering skills
神乎其技shen2 hu1 qi2 ji4 virtuosic
稳练wen3 lian4 skilled and reliable
良工心苦liang2 gong1 xin1 ku3 hard-won skill
血账xue4 zhang4 debt of blood (after killing sb)
西艺xi1 yi4 western skills
诛流zhu1 liu2 to kill and banish
辩士bian4 shi4 eloquent person
项英xiang4 ying1 Xiang Ying (1898-1941), communist general involved in forming the New Fourth Army 新四軍, killed in 1941 during the New Fourth Army incident 皖南事变
飞针走线fei1 zhen1 zou3 xian4 skillful needlework

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