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多阶段的 duo1 jie1 duan4 de5 multistage
有戏剧效果的 you3 xi4 ju4 xiao4 guo3 de5 stagewise
舞台的前半部 wu3 tai2 de5 qian2 ban4 bu4 downstage
阶段的 jie1 duan4 de5 staged
事到如今shi4 dao4 ru2 jin1 as matters stand
台上一分钟,台下十年功tai2 shang4 yi1 fen1 zhong1 tai2 xia4 shi2 nian2 gong1 ten years of practice for one minute on the stage (idiom)
拔节期ba2 jie2 qi1 elongation stage
放还fang4 huan2 to put back in place
点名羞辱dian3 ming2 xiu1 ru3 to attack publicly
邮花you2 hua1 (dialect) (postage) stamp
舞台内部[的] wu3 tai2 nei4 bu4 de5 offstage

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