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有力支撑 you3 li4 zhi1 cheng1 to be strongly supported
牡丹虽好,全仗绿叶扶持mu3 dan5 sui1 hao3 quan2 zhang4 lv4 ye4 fu2 chi2 Truncated - click through for definition
牡丹虽好,全凭绿叶扶持mu3 dan5 sui1 hao3 quan2 ping2 lv4 ye4 fu2 chi2 Truncated - click through for definition
皖系战败wan3 xi4 zhan4 bai4 Anhui faction of Northern Warlords (1912-c. 1920), led by Duan Qirui 段祺瑞 with Japanese support
自营的 zi4 ying2 de5 self-supporting
许旺细胞xu3 wang4 xi4 bao1 neurolemmocyte
载舟覆舟zai4 zhou1 fu4 zhou1 to carry a boat or to overturn a boat (idiom)
运营支撑系统 yun4 ying2 zhi1 cheng1 ji4 tong3 operations support system
配套设施 pei4 tao4 she4 shi1 supporting facilities
核支援he2 zhi1 yuan2 nuclear support
吃里爬外chi1 li3 pa2 wai4 to double-cross one's employer
一直支持他 yi1 zhi2 zhi1 chi2 ta1 always to support him
专项扶持资金 zhuan1 xiang4 fu2 chi2 zi1 jin1 dedicated supporting fund

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