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机关布景ji1 guan1 bu4 jing3 machine-operated stage scenery
登台表演deng1 tai2 biao3 yan3 to go on stage
著数 zhu4 shu4 trick
走圆场zou3 yuan2 chang3 to walk around the stage (to indicate scene changes)
逢场作戏feng2 chang3 zuo4 xi4 to join in the fun
喧宾夺主xuan1 bin1 duo2 zhu3 the sauce is better than the fish
当演员 dang1 yan3 yuan2 to go on stage
三期建设 san1 qi1 jian4 she4 third stage of construction
上台发言 shang4 tai2 fa1 yan2 to take the stage and give a speech
二期的 er4 qi1 de5 second-stage
人质平安 ren2 zhi4 ping2 an1 the safety of the hostage
全面实施阶段 quan2 mian4 shi2 shi1 jie1 duan4 all-around implementation stage
前期准备工作 qian2 qi1 zhun3 bei4 gong1 zuo4 pre-stage preparation work

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