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铁板烧tie3 ban3 shao1 skillet cooked
镇痛剂zhen4 tong4 ji4 anodyne
尚武shang4 wu3 warlike
精于jing1 yu2 adept at
卡斯基尔 ka3 si1 ji1 er3 Caskill
史其林shi3 qi2 lin2 Skilling
扑杀pu1 sha1 to cull
滥杀无辜lan4 sha1 wu2 gu1 rampant killing of innocents
被炸死bei4 zha2 si3 to be killed in an explosion
露一手lou4 yi1 shou3 to exhibit one's skills
圣手sheng4 shou3 sage doctor
计时工资ji4 shi2 gong1 zi1 time rate wage
金领jin1 ling3 gold collar

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