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蒸发散zheng1 fa1 san4
蒸散作用zheng1 san4 zuo4 yong4
蒸气涡炉zheng1 qi4 wu4 lu2
蒸气计zheng1 qi4 ji4
蒸气轮机 zheng1 qi4 lun2 ji1
蒸汽似 zheng1 qi4 shi4
蒸汽浴zheng1 qi4 yu4
蒸汽熨斗zheng1 qi4 yu4 dou3
蒸汽状zheng1 qi4 zhuang4
蒸汽锤zheng1 qi4 chui2
蒸肉法zheng1 rou4 fa3
蒸饭箱 zheng1 fan4 xiang1
蒸馏法 zheng1 liu2 fa3
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