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开发阶段kai1 fa1 jie1 duan4 stage of development
快速发展阶段 kuai4 su4 fa1 zhan3 jie1 duan4 stage of rapid growth
攻坚阶段 gong1 jian1 jie1 duan4 attack stage
救人质jiu4 ren2 zhi4 to rescue hostages
日本人质ri4 ben3 ren2 zhi4 Japanese hostage
最后拆除阶段 zui4 hou4 chai1 chu2 jie1 duan4 final demolition stage
波兰女人质bo1 lan2 nv3 ren2 zhi4 Polish hostage
火爆登场 huo3 bao4 deng1 chang3 to explode onto the stage
登台亮相deng1 tai2 liang4 xiang4 to take the stage
白热化阶段 bai2 re4 hua4 jie1 duan4 hottest stage
程度不同cheng2 du4 bu4 tong2 different stages
美国人质mei3 guo2 ren2 zhi4 American hostage
舞台布置 wu3 tai2 bu4 zhi4 stage decoration

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