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贾思勰jia3 si1 xie2 Jia Sixie, sixth century writer and author of agricultural encyclopedia Essential skill to benefit the people 齊民要術齐民要术[Qi2 min2 Yao4 shu4]
专杀 zhuan1 sha1 exclusively to kill
失杀 shi1 sha1 to kill mistakenly
屠城tu2 cheng2 blood-bath
拙劣的 zhuo1 lie4 de5 ILL
拙笨zhuo1 ben4 clumsy
杀手级应用sha1 shou3 ji2 ying4 yong4 killer application
死亡人数si3 wang2 ren2 shu4 death toll
舞技wu3 ji4 dancing skill
蒙难meng2 nan4 killed
俄底浦斯e2 di3 pu3 si1 Oedipus, legendary king of Thebes who killed his father and married his mother
小技xiao3 ji4 small skills
异曲同工yi4 qu3 tong2 gong1 to stop

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