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节外生枝jie2 wai4 sheng1 zhi1 fig. side issues keep arising
谨记jin3 ji4 to keep in mind
不到黄河心不死bu4 dao4 huang2 he2 xin1 bu4 si bu4 dao4 huang2 he2 xin1 bu4 si3 to keep going while some hope is left
lu2 clay
备而不用bei4 er2 bu4 yong4 have sth ready just in case
女管家nv3 guan3 jia1 housekeeper
守约shou3 yue1 to keep one's word
摆样子bai3 yang4 zi3 to keep up appearances
摆门面bai3 men2 mian4 to put up a front
瞭望liao4 wang4 to keep a lookout
to observe
记帐员ji4 zhang4 yuan2 bookkeeper
hun1 door-keeper

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