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载漪zai4 yi1 Zai Yi (1856-1922), Manchu imperial prince and politician, disgraced after supporting the Boxers
锄强扶弱chu2 qiang2 fu2 ruo4 to rob the rich and give to the poor
可忍耐地ke3 ren3 nai4 di5 supportably
可支持地ke3 zhi1 chi2 di5 supportably
支承式接头zhi1 cheng2 shi4 jie1 tou2 supportation
支承面zhi1 cheng2 mian4 supporting
资助者zi1 zhu4 zhe3 financial supporter
鞍式支座an1 shi4 zhi1 zuo4 supportsaddle
鼎力支持ding4 li4 zhi1 chi2 support with kind effort
予以维持 yu2 yi3 wei2 chi2 to give support
产品支援chan3 pin3 zhi1 yuan2 product support
价格补助jia4 ge2 bu3 zhu4 price support
全力配合quan2 li4 pei4 he2 complete support

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