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比达肃bi3 da2 su4
比连bi3 lian2
比迦bi3 jia1
比逊bi3 xun4
比配 bi3 pei4
比重大幅度下降 bi3 zhong4 da4 fu2 du4 xia4 jiang4 to fall to a large extent
比革他bi3 ge2 ta1
比齐bi3 qi2
汤恩比tang1 en1 bi3
没比mei2 bi3
没法比 mei2 fa3 bi3 to have no way to compare with
游泳比赛 you2 yong3 bi3 sai4 swimming competition
热比娅・卡德尔re4 bi3 ya4 ka3 de2 er3 Rebiya Kadeer or Rabiye Qadir (1947-), Uighur businesswoman and activist, imprisoned 1999-2005, then President of the World Uighur Congress
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