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完不成 wan2 bu4 cheng2 to be unable to complete
感到不堪其苦 gan3 dao4 bu4 kan1 qi2 ku3 to feel unable to bear the misfortune
找不到婆家 zhao3 bu4 dao4 po2 jia1 to be unable to find a wife
抓不到 zhua1 bu4 dao4 to be unable to srab
拿不到地 na2 bu4 dao4 di5 to be unable to get land
挡不住dang3 bu2 zhu4 to be unable to stop
未能实现wei4 neng2 shi2 xian4 unable to come to fruitation
看不出来kan4 bu5 chu1 lai5 not to be able to tell
见不到jian4 bu4 dao4 to be unable to see
zi1 to falter
动弹不得dong4 tan2 bu4 de2 to be unable to move a single step
寸步难行cun4 bu4 nan2 xing2 to be unable to do anything
没意思mei2 yi4 si5 boring

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