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危境wei1 jing4 venerable old age
危如累卵wei1 ru2 lei3 luan3 in a dangerous state
因时制宜yin1 shi2 zhi4 yi2 (idiom) to use methods appropriate to the current situation
安于现状an1 yu2 xian4 zhuang4 to leave a situation as it is
就业形势 jiu4 ye4 xing2 shi4 employment situation
应机立断ying4 ji1 li4 duan4 to act on an opportunity (idiom)
惨况can3 kuang4 dreadful state
探骊得珠tan4 li2 de2 zhu1 to see through to the nub
看情况kan4 qing2 kuang4 depending on the situation
经济状况jing1 ji4 zhuang4 kuang4 economic situation
羝羊触藩di1 yang2 chu4 fan1 trapped
腾飞teng2 fei1 fig. rapid advance
苦情ku3 qing2 plight

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