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比酒bi3 jiu3
鳞比lin2 bi3
亦比yi4 bi3
无可比拟wu2 ke3 bi3 ni3
比了bi3 le5
比出 bi3 chu1
比国bi4 guo2
与去年同期相比 yu3 qu4 nian2 tong2 qi1 xiang1 bi3 when compared with the last year
与12个月前相比 yu3 ge5 yue4 qian2 xiang1 bi3 compared with the past 12 months
中西文化比较 zhong1 xi1 wen2 hua4 bi3 jiao4 comparative Chinese and Western literature
丹比译dan1 bi3 yi4
之比 zhi1 bi3
也比 ye3 bi3
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