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镜架jing4 jia4 mirror support
仗腰zhang4 yao1 to back sb up
养家糊口yang3 jia1 hu2 kou3 to feed the family
吊楼diao4 lou2 a mountain hut supported on pillars
失道寡助shi1 dao4 gua3 zhu4 an unjust cause finds little support (idiom, from Mencius)
寡助gua3 zhu4 neglected
得道多助de2 dao4 duo1 zhu4 a just cause enjoys abundant support (idiom)
打下手da3 xia4 shou3 to hit
扶弱抑强fu2 ruo4 yi4 qiang2 robbing the rich to help the poor
扶清灭洋fu2 qing1 mie4 yang2 Support the Qing, annihilate the West (Boxer rebellion slogan)
抚养费fu3 yang3 fei4 support fee
拖儿带女tuo1 er2 dai4 nv3 supporting a wife and children
挺派 ting3 pai4 the supporting faction

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