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班门弄斧ban1 men2 nong4 fu3 display ones slight skill before an expert
杂七杂八za2 qi1 za2 ba1 hooligan
董卓dong3 zhuo2 Dong Zhuo (-192), top general of late Han, usurped power in 189, murdered empress dowager and child emperor, killed in 192 by L Bu 呂布吕布
猎杀lie4 sha1 to kill (in hunting)
项庄舞剑xiang4 zhuang1 wu3 jian4 an elaborate deception hiding malicious intent
lu4 to kill
砍死kan3 si3 to hack to death
巧辩qiao3 bian4 qiao3 ban4 rhetoric
手巧shou3 qiao3 to be manually adroit
消磨时间xiao1 mo2 shi2 jian1 to kill time
谋财害命mou2 cai2 hai4 ming4 to murder for money
逆戟鲸ni4 ji3 jing1 grampus
基利亚 ji1 li4 ya4 Killea

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