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zhi4 to rise
杂说za2 shuo1 scattered essays
差一点cha4 yi1 dian3 almost
异心yi4 xin1 malice
异曲同工yi4 qu3 tong2 gong1 to stop
级差ji2 cha1 salary differential
能屈能伸neng2 qu1 neng2 shen1 flexible
近墨者黑jin4 mo4 zhe3 hei1 Nurture determines a person's character.
未分化wei4 fen1 hua4 undifferentiation
表里不一biao3 li3 bu4 yi1 not what it seems
一把钥匙开一把锁yi1 ba3 yao4 shi5 kai1 yi1 ba3 suo3 one key opens one lock
一概而论yi1 gai4 er2 lun4 to lump different matters together (idiom)
千姿百态qian1 zi1 bai3 tai4 in thousands of postures (idiom)

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