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结论jie2 lun4 to conclude
宣判xuan1 pan4 to sentence
翻案fan1 an4 to reverse a verdict
定案ding4 an4 to conclude a judgment
抗诉kang4 su4 to lodge an appeal
审结shen3 jie2 to resolve
冤狱yuan1 yu4 frame-up
公判gong1 pan4 public opinion
作出一审判决zuo4 chu1 yi1 shen3 pan4 jue2 to make a verdict
宣判结果 xuan1 pan4 jie2 guo3 verdict result
断语duan4 yu3 verdict
三七开定论san1 qi1 kai1 ding4 lun4 thirty percent failure, seventy percent success, the official PRC verdict on Mao Zedong
定谳ding4 yan4 to judge a case

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