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qin2 guqin or zither, cf 古琴
京胡jing1 hu2 also called 京二胡
颤音chan4 yin1 tremolo
定弦ding4 xian2 tuning (stringed instrument)
胡琴hu2 qin2 huqin
弹琴tan2 qin2 to play or strum a lute or other stringed instrume
guan4 to pass through
三弦san1 xian2 three-stringed
板胡ban3 hu2 a bowed stringed instrument with a thin wooden sou
zheng1 Japanese koto
琴弦qin2 xian2 string (of a stringed instrument)
七弦琴qi1 xian2 qin2 guqin or seven-stringed zither
拨弦乐器bo1 xian2 yue4 qi4 plucked string or stringed instrument

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