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红烧hong2 shao1 simmer-fried (dish)
ao2 ao2 ao1 stew
to roast in ashes
红烧肉hong2 shao1 rou4 simmer fried meat
文火wen2 huo3 small flame (when cooking, simmering etc)
卤法lu3 fa3 to stew
平静下来ping2 jing4 xia4 lai2 simmer down
内心充满nei4 xin1 chong1 man3 simmer
慢慢地煮man4 man4 di5 zhu3 simmer
满腔怒火即将发作man3 qiang1 nu4 huo3 ji2 jiang1 fa1 zuo4 simmer
缓和下来huan3 he2 xia4 lai2 simmer down
炸酱面zha2 jiang4 mian4 zhajiang mian
to stew

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