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似的si4 de5 shi4 de5 rather like
友好you3 hao3 amicable
面的mian4 di2 minivan taxi
广州guang3 zhou1 abbr. Su 穗
事儿shi4 er5 business
陕西shan3 xi1 Shaanxi province (Shensi) in northwest China, abbr. 陝陕[Shan3], capital Xi'an 西安市[Xi1 an1 Shi4]
央视yang1 shi4 central tv
shi2 to know
三峡san1 xia2 The Three Gorges
海南hai3 nan2 Hainan District of Wuhai City 烏海市乌海市[Wu1 hai3 Shi4], Inner Mongolia
学位xue2 wei4 educational level
泰山tai4 shan1 Mount Tai
大同da4 tong2 Dtng prefecture level city in Shnx 山西
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