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转身zhuan3 shen1 to face about
后续hou4 xu4 follow-up
转嫁zhuan3 jia4 to pass the buck
再婚zai4 hun1 to remarry
再嫁zai4 jia4 to remarry (of woman)
改嫁gai3 jia4 to remarry (of a woman)
续弦xu4 xian2 to remarry (of a widow)
续娶xu4 qu3 to remarry
复婚fu4 hun1 to remarry (the same person)
再醮zai4 jiao4 to remarry
贞女zhen1 nv3 female virgin
从一而终cong2 yi1 er2 zhong1 faithful unto death (i.e. Confucian ban on widow remarrying)
拖油瓶tuo1 you2 ping2 step-children (discriminatory term)

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