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回收hui2 shou1 to reclaim
再造zai4 zao4 to reform
再制zai4 zhi4 recycle
还魂huan2 hun2 to return from the grave
再利用zai4 li4 yong4 to reuse
再生资源 zai4 sheng1 zi1 yuan2 to recycle resources
使再循环shi3 zai4 xun2 huan2 recycle
反复循环器fan3 xia4 xun2 huan2 qi4 recycler
循环使用xun2 huan2 shi3 yong4 recycle
还魂橡胶huan2 hun2 xiang4 jiao1 recycled rubber
还魂纸huan2 hun2 zhi3 recycled paper
再制纸zai4 zhi4 zhi3 recycled paper

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